It's all about you and your family! We stress one-on-one relationships which are key to our understanding and meeting your personal tastes and life-style requirements. A showroom consultation is great for setting the groundwork for an initial in-home visit. At the in-home visit, we take photos of your home and select color samples to help us search for the best decor products to meet your preferences and expectations while staying within your budget. To expedite urgent designing requirements, we can work from samples brought into our showroom and photos brought in or emailed to us. Either way, we want to help make your decorating project a productive and enjoyable experience.

With color sampling on hand and knowledge of you and your home, we begin our research. For window treatments, we select through literally thousands of fabrics in our library of over 1/2 million fabrics and trims. We then design your treatments and sketch them onto pictures of your rooms involved. For furniture, rugs, carpets and accessories; we select the products from our many quality lines and coordinate all to yield a living environment uniquely you and your family.

Once we have planned out your new decor, we would do another consultation at our studio offices to fine tune our overall decorating plan. With a completed plan, we would meet with you in your home to validate all choices. If additional selections are required, we would do those and meet with you in our studio or in your home to finalized our decor plan. Having this last meeting in our studio keeps those thousands of fabrics and trims available for any final adjustments. The right fabrics, designs, furniture, flooring and accessories create a home that brings a special personal identity and warmth to your everyday living~a warmth that can be felt and enjoyed for many years to come.

For purchasing clients, there are usually no consultation fees. Special design requests (e.g. wall units designs, contractor advice and supervision etc.) or design assistance outside of our product lines may require a charge, but that would be discussed before hand.

We want your home to be our best showroom...from wall colors to final accessories and your favorite place to be. Let us help you build your retreat from a busy and demanding life style. Just give us a call. 1.800.538.1444 or 1.215.822.9343
How we work with you . . .