Incorporated in 1991 in Pennsylvania, the company first focused on a high quality readymade curtain line and quality blinds and shades. Our customers soon made it quite clear that they wanted the same quality but with variations in designs and fabric combinations to fully suit their tastes. We began offering our semi custom line to meet these increasing expectations. Not long after, it was clear that our customers would rather wait 2 to 4 weeks to have what they really wanted--considering most keep their window treatments 7 to 11 or more years! We discontinued our ready-mades and greatly expanded our semi custom treatments.

With the years, our clients continued to increase their decorating requirements and expectations of us and we worked hard to meet and exceed our client's wishes. Today, we do exclusive custom designed window treatments and have brought more emphasis to our in-home products and services with our recent move to our new studio address. Home investments are usually long term investments and it is simply better to have what makes you happy!

We greatly expanded our fabric resource room to over a half million fabrics and trim selections. It is a rare day that we cannot give our clients that ideal fabric that "makes" their room. Providing the best fabric with the best design while staying within our client's budget is always foremost in our priorities.

With all of these resources and years of experience, we have dedicated ourselves to giving our clients an enjoyable decorating experience and a beautifully finished home.
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